Anna Arabindan-Kesson
Art historian, writer, curator


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Anna awarded an ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship for new book project on early African Diasporic Art

Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century African diasporic artists inhabited complex aesthetic and social worlds, and this new book will illuminate the complex historical conditions of being a Black diasporic artist during this period and bring attention to how such conditions informed the work these artists’ produced. This project is a joint endeavor that I am undertaking with Professor Mia Bagneris, of Tulane University, whose work examines eighteenth and nineteenth century art making alongside questions of color, race and colonialism. Our book is called Beyond Recovery: Reframing the Dialogues of Early African Diaspora Art and Visual Culture, 1700-1900 and we have been awarded a prestigious two-year ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship to support our work. Along with the book, we plan to organize a symposia and workshop related to this project. More updates will be posted soon!